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Friday, 5 January 2018

Standard Sizes in the 1960's

No wonder we have so much trouble in getting sizes that fit, just look at the sizint today compared to yesterday. Standardisation in clothing sizes went out the window in Australia many years ago. No, I can't remember when and at the moment, I'm too lazy to look it up, just trust me - they did.

In the "old days" these were the sizes of women's clothing -

Size 10 was BUST: 32 inches WAIST: 24 inches HIPS 34 inches. - XSSW

Size 12 was BUST: 34 inches WAIST: 26 inches HIPS: 36 inches. - SSW

Size 14 was BUST: 36 inches WAIST: 28 inches HIPS: 38 inches. - SW

Size 16 was BUST: 38 inches WAIST: 30 inches HIPS: 40 inches. - W

Size 18 was BUST: 40 inches WAIST: 32 inches HIPS 42 inches - XW

Size 20 was BUST: 42 inches WAIST: 34 inches HIPS 44 inches - OS

Sizes on clothing weren't labelled 12 or 14, but XSSW. SSW, SW, W and OS. My mum usually wore SW.

Styles my Mother wore
These may have been fashionable in the 1960's, but you could "trust" the size on the label.

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