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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Stains - Simple Home Remedies

This was in a dressmaking book I had many years ago and as I'm de-cluttering and de-hoarding, I am putting the information here.

Alcohol (beer, wines and spirits)
Washable fabrics - Dampen the fabric, then sprinkle it with borax. Pour warm water over, then launder the fabric in the usual way.

9 DIY ways to remove sweat stains from clothes

Lipstick Removal
Hmm, yes, well..... this could be very useful knowledge for husbands and boyfriends .........

I'm a Sard Girl
Me? Not for me making pastes and such and rubbing it in - I'm a Sard gal from way back. Just remove the lid, rub over the stain and leave for up to seven - 7 - days, then wash.  That's brilliant that is.

Two things to remember, use on dry fabric - wetting it can set the stain. Second, if it's an old stain, it may not work. Old stains are set and difficult to remove.

Today's quote: Airing the family's laundry can make people upset ~ J. D. Vance.

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