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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Rock Star in Purple

This is the first short(er) length top/jacket that I've worn in a very long time and was at first hesitant as I usually wear "fat clothes" - tunics that hide everything (but really don't) and was pleasantly surprised to find it didn't make me look bigger. It looks really great and I teamed it with the Stockholm pullover in fig, long sleeved tee in opulent purple and base skirt. Added indigo mesh leggings, rocha bootie and New Bride Necklace and felt a million dollars. Daughter said I look like a Rock Star!

I didn't wear the boots again - they hurt my toes. I have narrow feet, TS shoes are a wide fit, I had hoped that being almost flat, I'd be able to wear these boots, but it wasn't so. My toes squished down the toe-y end together and caused agony when walking. I was able to put up with it for the night, but that was it. Couldn't return them either because I had foolishly told the sales lady they were too wide for my feet and I couldn't walk in them after half an hour. Damn! Perhaps had I kept my big fat trap shut who knows! I may have been able to return them and get my money back. The soles weren't really marked anyway as I had been inside the whole time. Well, there was a short, a very short walk from my car to the entrance door, but it was minimal.

So .... here I am stuck with a pair of boots I can't wear, a skirt that is uncomfortable around the waist because it rolls over and every time I needed to go to the loo, I had to talk the skirt down around to my ankles like it was a pair of trousers. Why? you as? Because lifting it up, trying to get the leggings down was a work of art. Too hard, too much grunting and groaning doing this, far easier (and quicker) just to pull the skirt down with the leggings. No fuss, no bother, no getting all het up in the face.

I did look nice though.

And I have just realised that I have not worn this outfit since attending that party last year and these items have been sitting in the wardrobe gathering dust and taking up space.

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