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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Decluttering Your Wardrobe Part 3 - Start with the basics

Reading on the TS website about "Basics", I decided to go looking for "basics" to find out just what constitutes a "basic wardrobe" and how best I could utilise one, if I had one and how many pieces I would need to purchase so I had one.

What I found was this - most of the stuff in it is dull. boring and so not me. Yes, I could certainly do with some "basic" pieces in my wardrobe and use these to "build" on but all in all, they are not the sort of pieces I have in my wardrobe, or have had in my wardrobe. Even when I was a young something or other back in the day and worked in an office, my wardrobe never looked like this.

Mind you, I knew even less about fashion then than I do now. Oh how I wish what I knew today, I knew when I was a 20 year old! At least on the fashion field.

The first of these informative fashion know how is from Real Simple and is titled, "10 Staples for Every Woman’s Wardrobe". In this section, I have used the images, please click on the link for the full article. I have not been able to find name of the writer, but will say for a newbie like me, it is easy to see understand, perhaps because it is basic and the writer has kept it simple.

10 Staples for Every Woman's Wardrobe

Black pants

French-Cuff Dress Shirt

Black Pumps

Day Dress

Black Suit

Evening Dress

Dressy Jacket

Evening Clutch


Metallic Strappy Sandals

Think of silver (or gold) as your nighttime neutral—subtle enough to go with everything from black to red to a plethora of patterns. A slight platform adds comfort to these 4¼-inch heels, so you can dance all night in them.

The Essentials of a Well-Balanced Wardrobe

This following one is also from the same site Real Simple and is titled, "The Essentials of a Well-Balanced Wardrobe". (I didn't realise until now that both were from the same site. The article was written by Karen Kozlowski.

The Well-Balanced Wardrobe

Remember the food pyramid from nutrition class? If you apply its principles (variety, moderation, portion control) to what you put in your closet, you'll have a well-balanced wardrobe that makes getting dressed easy. Load up on your basics, go easy on the patterns, and indulge in one showstopper for special occasions.

Follow these guidelines to the wardrobe essentials you need to satisfy―and streamline―your daily dressing requirements. 

The Basics
Build a strong foundation with a strategic selection of basics that will mix with almost everything in your wardrobe. 
Fill your closet with wardrobe essentials from five basic "clothing groups," and you'll never again ask "What should I wear?"
By Karen Kozlowski

Black tank: A white tank looks right at the gym and for casual outings, but a black one can be worn with everything from khakis to a cocktail skirt.

Crewneck sweater: Opt for thin knits in cotton or wool that layer easily.

Jeans: It's worth paying extra for jeans that actually fit and flatter. Your best bet? Stretch denim with no more than 2 percent Lycra (the fabric will follow your curves and keep its shape).

Long-sleeve white T-shirt: Looking thin in white doesn't have to be difficult. The trick? Choose a slim-fit T-shirt that skims over your body (but doesn't cling).

Khakis: Forget the pleats (a flat front is more flattering) and forgo the front crease, too. After all, these are casual pants.

More Basics

Shown, left to right:

Black turtleneck: Cashmere is worth splurging on―you get more warmth with less bulk.

White button-down: A fitted one will get the most use, because it's easier to tuck in and looks neater when left out.

Long-sleeve black T-shirt:
A surprisingly sophisticated layering piece, this works well under a dress shirt―or even a dress.

Cardigan: A neutral shade offers the most versatility; a longer style that hits at the hip is the most attractive cut.

Short-sleeve white T-shirt: White tees become unwearable quickly―so skip the designer versions and buy a bunch of cheap ones, then replace as needed.

Black pants: Get the most out of these pants by selecting a style made of an all-season fabric, like tropical wool or viscose.

Denim jacket: A darker wash and a slimmer fit look more polished.

Short-sleeve black T-shirt: The best short-sleeve length is about 1/2 to 1 inch longer than a typical cap sleeve―it shows just the right amount of arm.

The Essentials of a Well-Balanced Wardrobe

The Staples

Daily rations of these wardrobe workhorses will help get you through the week. Maximize versatility with neutral shades and classic cuts.

Shown, left to right:
Wool skirt: An A-line style suits most figures, and pockets add practicality.

Black suit: Splurge-worthy? Definitely.

Pinstriped oxford: Update this classic by choosing an unexpected colour.

More Staples

Black dress: A shirtdress style can be worn every day, every season.

Silk blouse: A jewel tone accentuates the luxuriousness of the fabric.

Gray trousers: Charcoal pants look dressier than heather gray.

Fitted jacket: Leave enough breathing room for a sweater or a camisole.

Camisole: Go for an unembellished style and leave the lace trim for your lingerie.

The Statement Pieces

No closet is complete without a few signature pieces―the kind guaranteed to garner compliments (and attract notice if you wear them two days in a row).

Printed dress: Bold is beautiful, but large patterns work best when you keep the colors subtle.

Patterned jacket: Don't get overpowered by a print; show off your shape with a close-fit style and a shorter cut.

Bold blouse: Give a printed shirt top billing by pairing it with solid pants or dark jeans.

More Statement Pieces

Graphic sweater: Pattern shy? Start with a neutral knit in a geometric design.

Tweed pants: In brown or black, they're a classic, but cream-coloured tweed trousers are pleasantly offbeat.

The Evening Standards
Even die-hard homebodies need a couple of after-dark pieces, but you can also let these stunners see the light of day by pairing them with casual wear.

Velvet jacket: Whether you choose a modern or classic style, this piece will instantly upgrade your outfit.

Ruffled shirt: Don't go for all the frills. When wearing ruffles, skip the rhinestone buttons and fussy bows.

More Evening Standards
Cocktail skirt: What makes a skirt party-ready? It's in the details: Go for volume and embellishments such as beading.

Sparkly top: Sequins aren't the only way to shine: Metallics can be just as dazzling.

Velvet pants: With a heavier fabric, like velvet, black is the most slimming way to go. You can choose to save or splurge―there are styles to fit every budget.

The Showstoppers

Formal events may roll around only once a year, but it pays to treat yourself to a dress that guarantees a grand entrance every time.

Party dress: The rules of selection are simple: Choose a timeless style that is figure-flattering and, most important, makes you feel fabulous.

My Opinion

After having gone to all the trouble of c'ing and p'ing, I am not going to delete all the above text, it will stand. Having looked long and hard at the images of the said "basic" pieces and read through it all, my opinion is this - this is without doubt the most boring and god-awful set of clothes that I've ever had the misfortune to see. Any woman who who thinks this lot of clothes works well needs her head read.

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