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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Summer Favourite

This is one of my favourite summer outfits. I'm wearing the Coco Bananas Tunic with Easy Breezy Crop Leggings in white - jewellery is the Curly Whirl Necklace and a Cath Kidston resin bracelet. Teva Tirra sandals complete the look. Items are from Taking Shape except for the bracelet and sandals. This is one of the outfits I'll be taking on my trip to Japan next month sans jewellery.

The tunic top has a side drop hemline, front pockets and a front seam drawstring for personal styling. I wear mine with the drawstring pulled a little to give a wrinkle effect and raise the centre front hemline for interest. Drawstring loop is tied in a loose knot. Fabric is a crushed knit with stretch for a comfortable fit. The top doesn't flare out, I'm just holding it. The photo below shows the top falling naturally.

Below are close-ups of the jewellery.

Above: Curly Whirl Necklace

Above: Cath Kidston resin bracelet

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