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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Is Taking Shape Discriminating Against Larger Ladies?

I was quite taken with a pair of long pants worn by one of the models on the Taking Shape website so went searching for them. Found themm, they're the LOVE THE THOUGHT F/L PANT Style number T60969. Normally they retail for $129.95, but this weekend Taking Shape have a 30% off sale. Good, thought I, I'll get the pants and the sneakers I tried on the other day.

But there's a problem. When checking to see my size, I was disgusted to see they are only available in sizes 12 to 20. What ? 12 to 20? From Taking Shape? Taking Shape who was TS14+ but now seem to have changed from TS14+ to Taking Shape. AND, AND, they start from size 12. Huh? Since when has size 12 been a plus size? Actually for that matter, size 14 is not a plus size either. Plus sizes were size 16 to 26. So why the hell are plus size clothing companies catering to size 12 and 14? They shouldn't. Oh, why not? I hear you ask. I'll tell you why not, because if you're only a size 12 you can buy clothes from anywhere - you can go into any clothing shop and know you will be able to find clothes. Unlike those of us who are a "Plus" size - we can't go into just any store and buy clothes. We can't go to the normal section of ladies clothing at Target because we are too big - we have to go to the plus size section. It is either go to the plus size section in department stores or shop at plus size clothes shops. Your size 12 and size 14 lady doesn't have to shop at plus size shops - she can shop any bloody where So why is Taking Shape catering to these ladies?

Oh, they happen to like the styles? Oh, they've lost weight and now the Taking Shape clothes are too big for them? Big effin DEal. So what, They can shop at ordinary shops. I lost a lot of weight many years ago and was able to shop at ordinary shops and do you know how good it felt? It was wonderful.

I was in my local TS shop a while ago, a lady was wanting to buy something for her mother but complained her mother had lost weight and their clothes were too big and couldn't they make them in a size 10? Far out. That's just ridiculous. Who cares if these women lose weight and can no longer wear this brand? They should give thanks and be glad that they don't have to wear this brand. But no, they're not satisfied. They forget about the poor sods who can't go anywhere else.

These are the pants that Taking Shape have in sizes 12 to 20 -

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